Postaday 24: POPULAR

My first thought tonight as I wondered what I would write: “Popular,” Glinda’s song in Wicked, titled, obviously, by today’s prompt word.

What a cute, boppy, difficult little number.

Katie and I used to sit at the kitchen table doing homework and listening to a playlist of Wicked music on Youtube or Broadway Pandora (two music streaming platforms now completely abandoned in our household, although musical theater playlists live on). We would sing along, in two parts, if available, and scramble to get the long lines right.

A lot of the time we had trouble with the pronouns. You and I and we get all mixed up, you know? I wonder why that is so often the case.

The words come back to me quickly, in little chunks. They’re not the most poignant, but they’re the best written–at least musically. I want to write things that people can reread, like we listened over and over, and things that people will remember, just because they stick. I want to write the original that appears suddenly but feels eternal and already there, like those year-old songs you feel like have been playing your whole life.

If the stuff I write is popular, that’d be swell. But I hope the stuff is good, at least.


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