Postaday 19: FOCUSED

I admit it: when I first saw today’s prompt, I kind of clicked out of seeing that any longer… I’m a little uncomfortable thinking about good work habits at the moment.

I’ve always felt like a hard-working, self-disciplined, fairly productive person. When I am having a hard time focusing, [actual hour-long pause while I research the Myers-Briggs types of the characters of Lost and then make a Brussels sprouts and sausage galette] I notice, feel bad, and typically eliminate part of the problem; for instance, I might limit social media time or plan out my days hour by hour.

I can perform amazing time-management. I can be extremely task-oriented. I can stick to my habits and plans to reach goals.

But lately, it’s been hard to be motivated. I’m not in school anymore. I come home from work and I feel like I’ve done my day’s duty. No homework. Beyond the fact that obviously, I have a lot more to do in my life than work, I’m in another awkward predicament at the moment.

The awkward thing about this is I still do have homework, and I have not graduated yet. I still have to finish my final required class (Art History), which I took in Italy this summer. I have homework to complete (running tally, five out of fourteen short essays left). I also have to complete three other classes from Italy, which I took just for kicks and giggles. The remaining tasks for these are, well, as yet unstarted.

Am I still the same person I’ve been all my life, without school to guide me along my task-driven way? It’s difficult to make your own deadlines. I’ve done it, but it’s difficult.

On the other hand, I think not doing it is grating on me pretty hardcore, too.

What are your best techniques to get personal work done in the post-academic (or semi-post-academic) world? Let me know in the comments!




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